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Visit Moray Speyside Tourism BID Supports “Destination Dufftown” Visitor Campaign

Truerlein Ltd. has announced the launch of Destination Dufftown, a campaign to be run in conjunction with Visit Moray Speyside, and designed to reinvigorate Dufftown’s tourist trade and attract more visitors to the area.

Destination Dufftown, which will later offer concierge-style support and trip planning facilities, also launches with a clean, modern place brand which has been designed specifically to reflect Dufftown’s unique environment and offering. The brand marque has been gifted free of charge, under license, to local businesses, organisations and groups who wish to help build a consistent and distinctive identity for the town, supporting greater brand awareness and recognition amongst domestic and international travellers.

Ross McGinn, director of Truerlein comments: “As we come through lockdown and see Scotland’s tourism industry begin to gather momentum, we wanted to develop a brand that uniquely, beautifully reflects everything we love about Dufftown and helps local partners promote the town effectively on the local, national and international stage. Nothing is more individual than a fingerprint and the natural colours and contours of the landscape perform the same role for Dufftown.”

The contours that flow through the marque speak to the elements that make the region so special; the water course that supplies the local whisky distilleries and flows into the Spey fishing grounds, surrounded by rolling hills and wildlife prized by nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

“Some people who’ve seen the brand associate the contours with patterns of wood grain in old oak casks or ripples and eddying currents in pools of water,” noted McGinn. “We love the fact that different people may have their own unique interpretation of the brand but it all adds up to what makes Dufftown so memorable. By creating a unique, modern identity for Dufftown, we aim to support local businesses and give them an edge over other destinations by creating greater awareness and appreciation of Dufftown and all it has to offer.”

Destination Dufftown has launched initially on Facebook and Instagram, to celebrate and promote the current and future businesses, amenities and attractions of Dufftown and its surrounding area. The team is working closely with Visit Moray Speyside to support its mission to position the wider region as a world-class destination, as well as other local businesses who are getting back on their feet after a tough year.

Laurie Piper, CEO of Visit Moray Speyside, the region’s Destination Marketing Organisation commented “We welcome the opportunity to support the Destination Dufftown campaign. As the capital of Malt Whisky Country, Dufftown is uniquely positioned to make a significant contribution to rebuilding Moray Speyside’s tourism industry with a strong brand and a cohesive, collaborative place-based approach to marketing and promotion of the town.”

View Destination Dufftown branding with original release here


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