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Pick Protection: Support for Improvement Districts to Protect Lone and Vulnerable Workers

Pick Protection is a Glasgow based business which has developed specialised support for Improvement Districts in the lone worker personal security sector, including an innovative personal alarm product. Its CEO Rebecca Pick has featured in the Young Women’s “30 under 30”, sits on the Prime Minister’s Business Council, has won Investing Women’s AccelerateHER programme and is named in the Maserati Top 100 list 2019.

Below, Scotland’s Improvement Districts provides information on support from Pick Protection which may be of relevance to businesses and Improvement Districts.  Please use the below link or see here for further information.  

What is Pick Protection?

Pick Protection provides lone worker protection to protect employees that work alone or face risks from dealing with members of the public. The solutions include wearable panic buttons that allow the user to discreetly summon assistance. Dialogue is also recorded at this point for evidence purposes.

How can this support the work of Improvement Districts?

Safety within the district is a top priority for Improvement Districts and this includes protecting lone and at-risk employees. One way Improvement Districts can do this is by sponsoring lone worker protection solutions for businesses in their district.

Improvement Districts also have lone and at-risk employees such as city ambassadors and street wardens that are exposed to a whole range of risks such as street fights and drug users. Not only can Pick Protection protect these employees, they can help Improvement Districts and their local businesses stay compliant with Health & Safety legislation through providing activity reports proving usage of the solution.

Are there any case studies or examples of how Pick Protection has supported Improvement Districts or their businesses?

West End BID recently sponsored Pick Protection’s managed app solutions for businesses in their district. The company provided training to each of these businesses in order to help them implement the system and educate the users on how to use the solution. Secondly, if there is a high demand across the Improvement District’s members then Pick Protection could facilitate a mechanism to allow its business members to jointly buy the solutions together to take advantages of economies of scale.

In addition, here is an example of an Improvement District’s business using Pick Protection to ensure safety of their staff:

What type of support is available and how much does it cost?

The Personal Guardian smartphone application paired with SOS triggers provides a wearable solution for employees allowing them to summon assistance at the touch of a button:

  • Ease of Activation
  • Monitored 24/7
  • Level 1 Police response
  • Tailored escalation protocol
  • Audio recorded for evidence
  • Duty of Care – compliance

The pricing is £7.50 per user per month for orders up to 10 users; £6.75 per user per month for orders up to 50 users; and £5.50 per user per month for orders of 50 users +.

If an Improvement District would like to front the combined purchasing for their members of more than 50 users, a lower price can be agreed based on the volume required.

 More information: