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Go Forth Stirling Director appointed to British BIDS advisory board

Go Forth Stirling has become the first Scottish BID (Business Improvement District) to join the British BIDs Advisory Board.

The company’s Project Director Danielle McRorie-Smith has been appointed to the Board which is made up of industry leaders, property developers, national retailers and BID representatives.

The move gives Ms McRorie-Smith the opportunity to represent Stirling at a national level and help steer the future work of Britain’s 330 BIDs.

She said: “I am delighted to have been appointed to the role and it is the first time that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been a part of the Advisory Board and had a seat at the table.

“The organisation decided it was time for all four nations to be represented on the Board and I am pleased to be able to play my part.

“Being on the Advisory Board gives me the chance to promote Stirling to national property developers who are part of the organisation and to be a voice for our wonderful city.

“I’m able to participate with future strategies for Britain’s BIDs and propose ideas and priorities to support our business owners.

“It’s already proving to be an invaluable experience and being part of the networks of BIDs across the UK is a fantastic opportunity to share best practice, exchange ideas and gain support from BID colleagues across the country.”

Ms McRorie-Smith was named a member of the Board last month and joins current members, including representatives from Tesco, Boots and Savills, to help shape the future growth of British BIDs and provide leadership and policy advice to the wider industry.

Advisory Board Chair Nic Durston said: “I am delighted to welcome our new members to the Advisory Board which sees us strengthen what was already a strong and experienced group.

“The Board has an important role to play and our members’ experience and local knowledge will help steer British BIDs forward in supporting the industry and the wider BID community.”

Ms McRorie-Smith, a Stirling businesswoman, has been involved with Go Forth since 2018 when she joined the organisation’s Board.

She later became Chair before stepping up to lead the business and was appointed Project Director in March 2020.

Go Forth’s board of directors is made up of local business representatives who lead the company with the aim of benefitting Stirling’s trading environment.

They represent around 600 business owners with a key objective of increasing visitors to the city and devising initiatives to help make it a more welcoming destination for businesses and shoppers.

Go Forth Stirling was set up in 2017 following a vote among city traders and the next poll takes place in May.

A successful renewal ballot would give the BID a second five-year term and allow the team to continue funding current projects, such as free Wi-Fi in the city centre and the team of Ambassadors, as well as developing new initiatives to support the business community.

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