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Retailers Against Crime Conference 2019

Retailers Against Crime is delighted to invite you to attend their Glasgow Conference in The University of Strathclyde, Technology & Innovation Centre, 99 George Street, Glasgow.

RAC’s main objectives are to detect and deter crime, including acts of violence by sharing information with members and police forces including educating front line staff to prevent crime. Retail crime is an industry and has a negative effect and significant financial impact upon retail and the economy. Businesses that invest in crime reduction measures and education to deter crime will help create an environment where staff feel supported, businesses thrive and customers return.

The event will feature topics such as cybercrime, methods used by criminals, conflict management, internal fraud, counter terrorism, nationwide intelligence and more. Delegates will also have the opportunity to visit exhibits promoting and demonstrating some of the latest innovative products to assist in preventing crime.

Registration with refreshments from 08.00 hrs.

Conference commences at 09.00 hrs and ends with lunch and networking at 13.00 hrs

Register for free on Eventbrite here.