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BID scheme helps Stirling businesses cut energy cost

Go Forth Stirling BID has launched a scheme to help city businesses reduce their energy costs and combat the cost of living crisis.

The organisation has commissioned Eyebright Utilities to identify savings for companies in their utilities and services and has already cut more than £4K from one business owner’s spiralling energy bill.

Eyebright’s Client Account Manager Michael Dogan works with firms to find better deals for gas, electricity, telecoms and water.

He recently helped Mark Crawford, who runs Stirling family restaurant Tutti Pizza, save £4,365 on his gas bill and is keen for more businesses to come forward and secure similar deals.

He said: “Mark received a renewal letter from his current gas supplier and was concerned about the major increase in costs facing him.

“Go Forth introduced him and we were able to secure him a substantial saving on his current bill and some peace of mind for the year ahead.

“This is a free service for Stirling BID members and something which is essential just now with the current cost of living issues we all face.

“We are confident we can find a better deal for business owners by carrying out renewal reviews and we can also forecast ahead and prepare in advance for when the renewal is due.”

Mr Crawford had been paying just over £12K a year for the restaurant’s gas bill when he received a renewal letter from his supplier increasing that amount to £13.5K.

In partnership with Go Forth, Eyebright worked to find him a new energy supplier and came up with a deal of just under £8K per year – saving him more than £4K against his current spend.

Mr Crawford said: “We were in a contract and were shocked when we received the renewal price. We were struggling to find another supplier and a better deal when Michael came to our rescue and helped us out.

“And we only had this opportunity due to the scheme offered by the BID so we are grateful to benefit from this opportunity and save some money.

“It’s a tough time just now and we use a lot of energy running the restaurant – so we really needed a more cost-effective option which Michael was able to find.

“The saving of £4K a year is a massive deal to us and will help us moving forwards.”

He added: “I’m a big supporter of the BID team who work so hard for Stirling businesses.

“They’ve helped us with shopfront and digital grants and now with the Eyebright scheme.

“I hope they win the renewal ballot and remain in Stirling for the next five years.” 

Danielle McRorie-Smith, Project Director at Go Forth Stirling, said: “We are always looking for opportunities which will save our businesses money – especially in the current climate with everyone facing extra costs.

“The partnership with Eyebright Utilities offers business owners the chance to have their current deals with energy and service suppliers reviewed by Michael who will look at ways to save them money.

“It’s a free service for BID members so there is nothing to lose and I’d urge anyone interested to email us via or phone the office.”

The Eyebright programme is one of the many opportunities, projects and initiatives offered by Go Forth Stirling during its initial five-year term. 

The not-for-profit company is now asking city centre businesses to vote ‘Yes’ to a second term which would begin in September.

Go Forth recently launched a five-year plan setting out its future aims and detailing its achievements including the introduction of free public Wi-Fi, a team of Street Ambassadors and a variety of business grant schemes.

The renewal ballot began last month and runs for several weeks with the results due on Friday July 8.

A successful result will see Go Forth continue to support more than 600 businesses in the BID zone with a key objective of increasing visitors to Stirling and devising campaigns to make the city a more welcoming destination for businesses and shoppers alike. 


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