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Improvement Districts

The difference that an improvement district can make to a community is colossal – unlocking not only financial injections, but collaboration and a collective investment in making a positive change.

Scotland’s network of thriving improvement districts is a trailblazer, not only in through the expansive collection which operate under the long-established Business Improvement District (BID), but in innovating and creating new models under which communities can mould operations and projects to meet their specific needs. Most of these have been UK – and even world – firsts.

These include the:

  • Community Improvement District
  • Whole-island Business Improvement District
  • Tourism Business Improvement District
  • Food and Drink Business Improvement District
  • Digital Business Improvement District


Supported by Scotland’s Improvement Districts, all seek to provide a vehicle for local businesses to work together with other public and private sector partners to improve local economies and, by extension, local communities in a variety of contexts.

At their heart, they are the realisation of a meaningful corporate – community – public partnership working collaboratively to deliver better local economic and social outcomes.

Successful and thriving Improvement Districts working together across the whole of Scotland, supported by Scotland’s Improvement Districts, are a vital delivery mechanism for a dynamic, prosperous and inclusive nation.